Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am confused as anyone would be if he watched English News Channels for a few days. Could you please help me identify who of the following is arrogant, which of the following is arrogance?
  • Congress calls Team Anna arrogant because it wants its version of Lokapal bill passed; otherwise Anna would fast unto death.
  • Team Anna calls the government arrogant because it asserts only the parliament has the power to pass bills; every lallu and panju cannot draft bills and insist on adopting the same.

  •  Team Anna says it has faith in Parliament but not in parliamentarians.
  •  Karan Tapar asks in CNN IBN whether Anna’s movement would have survived without 24x7 news coverage.
  • P Chidambaram swears that Delhi Police, in its own wisdom and on its own authority, detained Anna because it feared that he would defy 144; it didn’t take any instruction from Home Ministry.
  •  PC was not content with the above; he opined that the conditions imposed by Delhi Police were reasonable! (Remember the 50cars, 5,000 people, 3 days fasting, etc. Of course Chidambaram is used to only 3 hours of fasting. Recall that Kalaignar fasted for 3 hours between breakfast and lunch on the Srilankan issue and Chidambaram, as Home Minister dutifully bailed him out by giving false information that Srilankan government had announced ceasefire!)
  • Tean Anna burnt copies of government’s draft of the Lokpal.
  •  Kapil Sibal, not to be left out, declares Anna’s stance undemocratic. (Even Kapil Sibal’s father, whoever he was or whatever locus standi he had, was critical of Anna Hazare!)
  •  Manish Tewari accuses Anna of siphoning Rs. 2.2 lacs (!) of public funds. Not just that; “A- Company” (that is how he calls Team Anna) consists of "armchair fascists, overground Maoists, closet anarchists ... lurking behind forces of right reaction and funded by invisible donors whose links may go back a long way abroad.''
  •  Shobaa De wants us to take TV cameras away and see what is left of Anna; and she justifies this as “reasonable, meaningfull cynicism.”
  •  Anna Hazare promptly called Manmohan Singh a liar when the latter felt that Prime Minister should be kept out of Lokpal ambit.
  •  Mohandoss Pai, a corporate executive teaches Team Anna what they should do viz. focus only on Lokpal Bill, nothing else- not good governance, not nuclear bill. “You are not meant to do that.”
  •  Amir Khan writes to Manmohan Singh on what he should do.

Is humble the one who calls others arrogant?  Or who being incompetent on an issue offers free advise to others who are experienced? Or who shows intolerance to others’ proposals?

Then I am happy I am not humble. 


  1. nice king of captures both sides views and flaws...

  2. Very True. I am confused...! Today my daughter who is in class IX asked me if jailing of Anna was to be explained under the " Special conditions under which Right to Freedom to assemble freely" as she read her civics lesson on Fundamental Rights. I dont really have an answer!

  3. Sorry read that as " my daughter wanted to know if the jailing of anna was a way in which a fundamental right can be revoked under special conditions" - see how confused I am...Even typing gets to be difficult:-)

  4. When will our country have a mature leadership? I dont know...even if the civil society was indeed arrogant, the government could have handled the whole issue in a more sensible and mature manner..but alas

  5. humility is over-rated. in this case, intellect in under-rated. Not many 'action people' doing jobs.

  6. Weird, weird world. Humility is not what it used to be. Today to be humble, we have to market our humility, and let everyone know how humble we are. Which, of course, defeats the whole humility thing altogether.
    Thought-provoking post.

  7. Now this is a Panoramic view of the issue. Good one Sir.