Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review by R Bharathiraja-1

Mr. R. Bharathiraja, a fellow blogger and a good friend has reviewed the first 13 chapters of my novel Journalist in his site Archive of An Unknown. Writing fiction is new to me. When I received positive comments, I felt elated that my writing is being appreciated by readers. Now this review is the biggest recognition I can think of. You can read the first part of the review titled Journalist - A Blog Novel by Mr. Hariharan Valady (1/3) here.

Thanks Bharathiraja for sparing time in your busy schedule and writing this review.


  1. Sir. i thought that Director Bharathi Raja reviewed it, TOTAL SHOCK..
    i have read that already..

    1. Director Bharathiraja and a review in English- that would have been the most humorous review. Thanks for the wishes.

  2. You are welcome (to write many more novels so that I could review!), sir. :)