Tuesday, January 10, 2012



My first novel! A few followers of my blog enquired why I had not been writing for a while. The answer is: I have been working on this novel for the past one month.

When I searched the net for Indian blogs devoted to novels, I did not find many. May be, a blog is not an appropriate medium for publishing novels.  Nevertheless I decided to experiment. I intend to publish this novel through my blog. The novel runs into 60 chapters of 600-700 words each. I plan to publish one chapter every alternate day.

Politics and media are the two fields that attract me. The novel obviously revolves around these two spheres.

Vidya is a young, popular anchor in an English News Channel. She falls in love with Durai Rathinam, the son of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and a 
minister in Tamilnadu’s cabinet.

Durai is 40+, married and has a son who is 14 years old.

How does Durai’s wife react to their love story? Do Durai’s parents agree to his marriage? What about Vidya’s parents? Do they agree? Does Vidya succeed in marrying him?

When Vidya notices instances of massive corruption in the Tamilnadu Government, is she able to investigate and report the same? Is any pressure brought on her? Does she succumb to the pressure?

Does this marriage compromise her position, her independence as a journalist?

Rahul Jain, a fellow anchor leaves the Channel and becomes the Editor-in-Chief of a rival channel. Rahul’s progress thereafter is phenomenal. Is Vidya able to take Rahul’s growth in the right spirit? Does the competition with Rahul influence some of her decisions?

As always my wife went through the first few chapters and encouraged me to write further.

Now I am looking for your views, comments and support.

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  1. Congrats! Eagerly awaiting your publication.

    Some day, I aspire to write a novel too :-)

  2. Sounds very interesting Sir. :)
    Congrats on your first novel.

  3. Sounds fun Sir...Will be looking forward to it...

  4. congratulations.
    I was wondering yesterday about whereabouts.
    Shall post link on my website

  5. Wow... wow... wow... I am excited. I also want to write a lot of short stories and novels. I have already written many short stories and have some themes for novels. I am yet to translate all my short stories to English. For that, I need to improve my language first.

    Writing fiction is totally a different ball game. The advantage in it is that you can write about everything that you have in mind. You don't have to be worried about being politically correct or defamation suits. You can always put the blame on the characters. :)

    And, I am interested in everything that you are interested in. So, looking forward... :)

  6. Interesting! Will follow the progress....

  7. OMG!! you are back with a bang Sir :) :)...looking forward to reading this work of yours, all the best :) :) and also wishing you and your family a very happy & blessed new year :) :)

  8. அருமையான பதிவு..

  9. congrats Sir. quite an achievement it is writing a novel. it is a lot of work.
    the outline you have given sounds very interesting.

  10. a noble novel idea.. looking forward to posts..

  11. Thanks Divya for the encouragement. Wish you do your novel at the earliest.
    Thanks Akshay. Will try and keep the novel interesting.
    Thanks Saru for your continued support and encouragement.
    Thanks Magiceye. Hope I live up to your expectation.
    Thanks Kartikey. Grateful to you for agreeing to post a link in your site.
    Thanks Bharathiraja. That was an interesting observation- a novel gives you more freedom than a non fiction.
    Thanks KSRealityBites. Hope to make the novel interesting.
    Thanks Satish for your continued support.
    Thanks Sunita for the encouragement. Wish you and your family also a happy new year.
    Thanks Sekar for your views.

  12. Thanks Sujatha for the encouragement. You gave me the first award which motivates me till date to write more and to write qualitative better articles.
    Thanks barunjha for the support.

  13. its a big switch and i wish you the very best. the plot is quite interesting!

  14. Thanks Rohit. Hope I will be able to do justice.

  15. Seems interesting and hope you can tumble many skeletons from the political T.N. cupboard.Go ahead and my best wishes Sir.

  16. Thanks Mr Ayyangar for your wishes. Hope I am able to make the story interesting.

  17. good luck sir :)
    chosen TAMIL NADU :) glad !
    be safe , JJ may spy on you :P hehe !
    DURAI RATHINAM a wonderful name..


  18. Sounds interesting...would look forward to it:)
    Best Wishes!

  19. The premise sounds interesting, looking forward to reading more.

  20. Thanks Deepak for your good wishes. Tamilnadu, because that is where I am from.
    Thanks Deepazarts for the encouragement.
    Thanks Meera. Will try and make the novel also interesting.

  21. Sounds very interesting! Politics is also one of my favorite subjects.Will be glad to read the chapters on alternative days.Honestly, we don't find time nowadays to sit with a book, but reading a novel online, I am sure its a better idea and will become popular sooner than later.The print media's demise has just started.

  22. long way to go...all the best Sir...

  23. 600-700 words, 60-70 chapters. not really a novel :p

  24. Thanks Arnab That's exactly my idea behind publishing on line. Will try and do my best.
    Thanks Rahul. I agree. Long way to go. With your good wishes, I should be able to.
    Thanks Jaidev. Yes, may not really be a novel in the traditional sense.

  25. Hi Sir,
    This is a fantastic idea.. to publish a novel through a blog! :) I am working on my first novel, too. :) Can't wait to read this story; it sounds like an interesting plot weaving around modern politics and age-old stereotypes... Anyway, all the very best!

  26. hello sir,

    The story sounds interesting and different. Can't wait to read your further posts.. good luck..


  27. Wow! The storyboard is intriguing! I shall be spending some time now reading the chapters of your novel. :)

    Indie :)

  28. Thanks Indie for views. Glad you like the story.

  29. Thanks Sanchita. Wish you all the very best for your novel.
    Thanks Raniii. Glad you find the story interesting.

  30. Congrats Sir! how are u? hope u had and having a wonderful 2012!

    A novel in blog! is quite new and the gist u gave is as tempting as the thought of a novel from u.. All the best!

  31. That's one of it's kind initiative and wish you all the best :)

    Would be reading the chapters :)

  32. Interesting. Its a good initiative, I too myself was thinking of starting a comic strip but that seems to be a long way away.
    You can count on me as a reader to this wonderful novel. :)

  33. I. have begun my sojourn with the journalist- lapping it up and addicted like serials- thanks for the novel idea!