Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vikram, Vetal and Delhi Bomb Blast

Vikram climbed the tree and brought the corpse down. He carried the Vetal on his shoulder and started walking.  Vetal said,” Hey King Vikaramaditya, I will tell you a story. At the end of it I will ask you a few questions. If you do not the answer, I will remain your captive. On the other hand if you know the answer but keep quiet, your head will burst into pieces.

Vikram had handled this situation many times in the past. Being an intelligent King, he always knew the answer and the Vetal always escaped.

Vetal started the story.

There is a country called India. It has a neighbor called Pakistan.

India is ruled by a weak coalition government headed by a weaker Prime Minister remotely controlled by mysteriously powerful Italian lady.

Pakistan is ruled by the weakest ever government directly controlled by a strong, vengeful army. The favorite pastime of this army is to train terrorists, fund terror groups and export them to India.

These terrorists are frequent fliers to India or have season tickets in rail, road and sea transport to India.

They periodically bomb various parts of India- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur…..

Also they bomb same city again and again.

Go one step further. They bomb the same street again and again.

They are quite versatile. They use suitcase, bicycle, scooter, car or any other device to plant the bombs. Whether it is a hospital or a Court or a local train, it does not matter to them. They are at ease. They can cause explosion. After the assignment, they go back to Pakistan with ease.

They are very honest and transparent. After the explosion they promptly send emails claiming ‘credit’.

But do not underestimate Indians. They are smarter. They have competent police forces, investigative agencies, intelligence apparatus, etc headed by a still more competent Home Minister. His Ministry sends out intelligence inputs which are “unintelligible” to the recipients!

But his police force is very efficient. Immediately after the blast, they tell you whether-
·         it is a low intensity or a high intensity bomb.
·          RDX or Ammonium Nitrate or any other chemical substance is used.
·         It is a 1 kg or 2 kgs bomb.
·         Precise depth and length of the crater created by the bomb.

Their weak Prime Minister promptly condemns the bombing; vows to fight terrorism; assures the nation that he would not succumb to terrorism. (Only the ordinary people in the streets would succumb!)

The Home Minister would not like to be left alone. He also does not hesitate to condemn the attack. However he would not like to let his police force down- every bomb attack, according to him, happens in spite of the Police’ alertness; police protected the country in the intervening period from the previous attack to the present- be it 31 months or 3 months!

For whatever it is worth, the police release the pictures of suspects knowing very well that even if the suspects are apprehended, it would take years to sentence them; again it would take years for the President to decide on their mercy petition; there would be human rights groups praying for mercy on them; there would be State Assemblies asking for review of rejection of mercy petition.

The ruling party has a General Secretary who sees Hindu outfits and saffron color behind every apparent, Pakistan sponsored terrorist act.

India has a vibrant electronic media- it asks victims in the bomb site how they feel about it; it conducts long, unending, inconclusive debates.

Soon after the attack, everything becomes normal. If it is Mumbai, the next day Mumbaikars catch local trains and go to office; we hail their resilience. Delhi High Court is still better. Within few hours of bombing, it resumes hearings. Still more resilient! 
Symbolic message to an un-understanding terrorist group!

Concerned citizens light candles, express solidarity and give further more symbolic message!

Vetal ended the story and asked the following questions:

“Tell me O King! What is the meaning of Prime Minister’s condemnation? When the terrorists do such brazen act, why does the Prime Minister call it a cowardly act? What is the purpose of NIA or Natgrid if the country is not able to get credible intelligence? When the police know that the terrorists will not be punished, what interest would they have in apprehending the culprits? When the wife of a police offer knows that if her husband gets killed, the country will not bring the culprit to book will she allow her husband to become a sacrificial goat? When the Foreign Minister of Pakistan comes to India, why does the country forget these gruesome attacks and focuses instead on her blue colour dress, hair style and designer jewellery? Why is the ruling party unable to contain its General Secretary? When citizens return to normal life, do you call it their resilience or indifference?”

For the first time Vikram did not know the answer. He blinked. Vetal remained in his captivity.

And Vikram- Vetal story ended forever. 

PS: Pardon me for being sarcastic; it is my frustration. 


  1. Sir, we all are frustrated being a mute spectator. :(

  2. Your frustration is evident from the narrative. It is too depressing a topic to comment. Like you said in your blog, you may term me as indifferent or resilient.

  3. its all become so mechanical and template-like. same actions by the terror groups, our oh-so-lovable govt, smartie pant intelligence, the force who like to call themselves POLICE, and of course we.

  4. Nice imagination to include Vikram and vethal.. lets say that vethal symbolises the questioning/reasoning ability in each of us, and Vikram the part of us, which is bewildered by such incidents and remains speachless..!

  5. Its very clear that in recent past Indians dont feel secured in our own country.. that is really disgusting.. better we all wear "bomb-proof" or "bullet-proof" outfit all the time.. For corruption, Anna Hazare.. for terrorism, do we need one more Anna hazare??

  6. I think you have written this article with a sense of anger and a kind of helpless situation the country is being pushed into.Please send this article to P.Chidambaram, our Home Minister. It is really disgusting to see the media go to the ministers and personalities for comments every time there is a bomb blast.They can replay their previous comments.

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  8. EXCELLENT Chithappa...I(rather every Indian) have all these feelings but nvr really learnt the art of putting it in words..tht too the narration in 'Vikram Aur Vethal' Style.. Am dumb-found.. To end the note, the questions by Vethal, tht too the 'blue dress, designer jewellery stuff' AWESOME...Its a way of living for Indians Now..Thts the HARSH REALITY!!

  9. no wonder they do not telecast the show anymore.... :)
    it amazes me how bloggers have vent their feelings in every possible way...

  10. I do not think these as your frustrations ... these are the feelings of millions of Fellow country men ... but your way of giving vent to your feelings through sarcasm is really great ... you point out things so clearly ... great piece of writing !

  11. Very well expressed, Sir! Not only you, many Indians are frustrated at this point. The day our Government shows some maturity and dynamism in dealing with terror , India will surely be a better place to live.

  12. It's correct.
    Our politicians at the end say we had already given the Agencies.
    But where they neglected...Are they going to take charge against the officers who had neglected the duties..

    Officers who had neglected should be put in jail and the culprits should be hanged without delays...which has been done and been prolonging in kasabs case

  13. Well said..! It is about time we showed our resilience - afterall bombings like these are only meant to disrupt normal life.. Vikram and Vetal was written at a time when wars were fought honorably injuring only those who were actually on the battle fields unlike now where it affects the innocents!

  14. Valady Sir, One million dollar post if you ask me. I have no comments except to say that you have penned every Indians frustrated voice. Accept this post with bow. I read this 3 times.

  15. Thanks Saru, Nona, Rohit,KP, Harini, Parvathy, Swarna, Vaishnavi,Chintan,Indranil,Harsha, Peter, Neeraj, Meera and Sush for your comments. I understand all of us are equally frustrated. These occurances increase your faith in God, I suppose.

  16. is indeed a very sorry state we are in...the nation urgently needs leadership...

  17. Could feel the frustration and anger in every word. I penned a rant on my blog too. I would appreciate your visit and comment.

  18. Excellent post Hari, one of your best. I heard one of the commentators say the other day that let there be military trials in Terror cases, 6 months limit, 1 appeal to Supreme court, no mercy petitions. May be that is the way to go.

  19. Sir, we all are frustrated. Nevertheless, we go on the next day with the same chores of life... Sad truth penned down in a humorous way...

  20. totally agree with your views.....

  21. sir i totally agree with you. it has almost become a daily affair and yet people keep saying it will be fine. one more thing i would like to add is our 'democratic' nation follows 18th century rules to fight 21st century fight.

    1. Very sad indeed. What you have added makes lot of sense.