Saturday, May 12, 2012

Can one's self defense not be perceived by another as provocation?

The SIT closure report on the Gulbarga Society massacre case records in the first page that a huge mob of 20,000 Hindus had assembled near Gulbarga Society on February 28, 2002 with the intention of damaging properties, shops and houses of Muslims as well as Mosque/ Madarsa and that late Ehsan Jafri fired from his private licensed weapon in self defense causing injuries to 15 persons.

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  1. went through it hurriedly will come back to give my opinion.

  2. I enjoy reading all your views. It would be nice if you write a post on the 'tamasha' happening in Bangalore. With all the drama in political circles, there is a serious competition for soap operas in TV channels. Only nature (weather) is saving bangalore !

    Just a thought :-)