Friday, November 4, 2011

The good judge could have exercised restraint

If Mr Katju has his way, he will convert all TV channels into Doordarshan, forcing them to give unlimited coverage of poverty, agriculture and the like; sports and movies will have to wait till India completes its ‘transition from a feudal, agricultural society to a modern industrial society. Please read my article in The Hoot.


  1. Certainly an outspoken Judge,,, recently slammed medias for their atrocities :)
    good one sir..
    what happened ? can't see your posts much nowadays ?

  2. I ahve been thinking that you would move to some newspaper or magazine sooner than later with your coverage of current affairs. Looks like you have already or in the process of moving. Way to go!You write very well. :)

  3. There are two sides to every story. While it is totally wrong to pass a blanket judgement on the media, it is also true that much of our social ills are a direct result of the promotion of a consumption-centric lifestyle by the media.

    The extremely erudite, balanced and wise journalists of the past have been forced to give way to the pressures of the market. This loss of quality is but an essential part of our journey into and out of the present crisis that civilization is witnessing the world over.

    The only way out is through. Just like politicians, we get the journalism we deserve, I guess.

  4. well said...every coin has two sides i guess :)